About Stella’s Black Dog Tavern

Stella’s Black Dog Tavern is proud to be a full-service restaurant and bar serving families, celebration groups, and individuals throughout the Plymouth community. We serve fresh, local food prepared by our skilled kitchen team. Many items on our menu are made from scratch including all our soups, daily specials, chicken strips and others. Because of our limited freezer/cooler space, we receive three food orders a week. Everything is always as fresh as can be! Ask your server!

We became Stella’s Black Dog Tavern in October of 2013, and prior to that date, we had a rich history starting as a laundromat and pizza parlor seven decades ago. After those businesses, the building housed:

  • Harb’s Restaurant
  • Sidestreet Pub
  • Steve McMann’s Sidestreet Pub
  • Doyles Tavern
  • Stella’s Black Dog Tavern (October 2013)

No one knows for sure where the elaborate back bar came from. Popular rumor has it as coming from a tradeshow in Las Vegas decades ago. With a full service bar, 11 beers on tap, nearly 40 bottled beers and a nice selection of wines, we have beverages to pair with all your meals.

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